The EnPe Film (Culmination of the EnPe program 2013-2020)

In 2020, the EnPe program ended, having achieved great results in a vast number of areas.

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the final EnPe conference, which was meant to round off and summarize the project, had to be cancelled.

As an alternative way end to the project in a dignified manner, nearly all participating institutions have contributed their thoughts and reflections on EnPe and its achievements, which has culminated in an beautiful and informative end-of-project film. A special thank you to everyone who contributed to this fitting celebratory end to EnPe.

We hope you enjoy this reflective look at the EnPe project.

Hear what the participating parties of EnPe has to say about the program and its achievements.

The goals of the EnPe project were:

  • To support the development of Master programmes at HEI in the South through close collaboration with HEI in Norway in accordance with national needs
  • To achieve, in a longer term perspective, sustainable capacity of institutions in the South to provide the national work force with adequate qualifications within selected academic fields of study of relevance to the energy and petroleum sectors
  • To stimulate South-South-North cooperation through support to the development of regional Master programmes and research
  • To enhance gender equality in all programme activities