Day 1: EnPe seminar in Trondheim

Around 60 participants are in Trondheim to share their research findings and academic results for the EnPe seminar, 26 to 28 February 2019.

On day 1, five of the EnPe projects gave an introduction and presented their selected research. In addition, the EnPe secretariat and the Assistant Director of the Knowledge Bank, Norad, held introductions. A special lecture on ethics and concerns regarding renewable and non-renewable energies was given by Norwegian philosopher, author and lecturer Henrik Syse.


Ethics and other concerns regarding renewable energies and non-renewable energies, by Henrik Syse

Henrik Syse on values, ethics and responsibilities


Capacity building to enhance teaching/learning, research and expert services in petroleum science and engineering in Tanzania, with UDSM and NTNU.


Oil and gas technologies, with UDSM Tanzania and NTNU.

Implementation of Master´s in Reservoir Engineering

Exploration, evaluation and environment, with UMSA and UiS.


Petroleum geoscience collaboration, with Juba and UiB.


Capacity building within petroleum engineering and research, with UEM and NTNU.

All photos by EnPe / Bjørn Magnus Vian